Christian Preschool in

Schererville, Indiana

Experience the transformative power of faith-based education at our Christian preschool, where your child will flourish in a loving environment that nurtures spiritual growth and academic excellence.

Welcome to

Hammond Baptist Schools Early Learning Center.

Hammond Baptist Early Learning Center Directors, Adam and Atina Merhalski, standing next to Christian preschool building in Schererville, Indiana

Welcome to Hammond Baptist Schools Early Learning Center, a ministry of First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana. Our pastor, John Wilkerson, is director of all church ministries. Hammond Baptist Early Learning Center provides tender loving care for children 3 & 4 years of age.

Adam and Atina Merhalski are members of the First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana. Adam has attended First Baptist all of his life and is vice principal at Hammond Baptist Junior High School. His wife, Atina, moved from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to Crown Point, Indiana in 1995. They were married in 2002 and have 5 children. Atina has been involved in child care for over 25 years and is the head teacher at the Hammond Baptist Early Learning Center, certified by Indiana Learning Paths.

Exceptional Care for Every Child

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We are dedicated to providing unparalleled care that goes above and beyond, ensuring your child's needs are met with the utmost attention and compassion.

A Loving and Supportive Atmosphere

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We create a warm and affectionate atmosphere where your child feels safe, secure, and cherished. Our dedicated staff provides the love and support necessary for their...

Open and Transparent Communication

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We value the partnership between our preschool and parents. With open lines of communication, we strive to maintain a strong and trusting relationship, ensuring you are...

Building Character and Self-Discipline

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Our Christian preschool is committed to instilling essential values in your child's life. Through our curriculum and guidance, we help them develop character traits...

Enroll your child in our Christian Preschool and witness the transformative impact of our goals on their growth, development, and faith journey.

Fun Learning

At our Christian preschool, we believe in the power of fun learning, where children thrive in an engaging environment that sparks curiosity and ignites their love for knowledge. Through our Bible-based curriculum and hands-on activities, your child will embark on an exciting educational journey that combines faith, joy, and discovery.










Bible Verse

Days of
the Week

Months of
the Year


Daily Structure

Experience the well-structured daily routines at our Christian preschool, where your child will benefit from a carefully designed schedule that balances play, learning, and spiritual growth. With a nurturing and organized environment, we ensure that each day is filled with purposeful activities that promote character development and academic advancement.

Opening Pledges






Alphabet and Phonics

Counting and Numbers



Invest in Your Child’s Future

We understand the trust and financial investment you’re making to enable a Faith-filled learning opportunity for your child. We believe that nurturing your child’s faith and character is an invaluable investment that will shape their future, that is why our pricing options are designed to accommodate various schedules and budgets while ensuring your child receives the highest quality Christian education.

(Tap Pricing Table to Zoom In)

Ages 3 and 4 ( 3 by December 1 ) and fully potty trained One Child Two Children Three Children
(Same House)
Weekly (5 days) $170.00 $280.00 $375.00
Mon-wed or WeD-fri $105.00 $165.00 $200.00
Half day (5 days a week 4 hours or less) $140.00 $175.00 $210.00

$50.00 non-refundable

Registration fee per child is due with application.

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday
7:30 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.

After Hours

After 4:15 P.M., we do not bill for quarter hours. If your child is here 15 minutes or 45 minutes, etc., you will be billed for a full hour.


Any children left after 5:00 P.M. will be charged $3.00 per minute. Excessive late pick ups may be cause for dismissal.

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